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The BlueDiamond Difference

Blue Diamond Financial is built on solid foundations with a commitment to providing great customer service, clear and easy to understand communication and peace of mind and a sense of confidence to all people of any age and circumstances in their life now and into the future.

Blue Diamond has no ties to any bank, fund manager or financial institution. We are free to recommend what is best for you and not what is best for a large parent company’s shareholders.

Blue Diamond uses an academically proven investment process that rejects speculation and focuses on the elements you can control – diversification, asset allocation and keeping fees low.

The founder of Blue Diamond has 25+ years of experience in the finance industry. In addition, we regularly interact with a number of good advisers providing a supportive culture that ensures each client benefits from the collective knowledge base.

Top 3 Financial Advisors on Tradebusters Connect

Blue Diamond is an Accredited Business featured among the top 3 financial advisors on Tradebusters Connect

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You Need To Know

About Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond Financial is a boutique financial planning practice that is owned and operated by Martin Cossettini. Martin established Blue Diamond Financial with the vision of helping individuals, families and business owners.

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Our Financial Advice Process

There’s often confusion about what a financial planner does. Usually because it’s not just one thing, it’s an amalgam of several steps and comprises various areas like insurance or investing. Some areas are larger and better known than others, but every step and every area holds importance. At Blue Diamond Financial we want you to understand those steps and why they happen.


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