03Dec 2018

And It’s Gone…

December 3, 2018

James Cordier of optionsellers.com is the type of guy who you don’t really know who he is, or what he does, but he’s someone who provides those assured sounding quotes on the direction of markets on the business channels. As his website used to say, he’s been featured on (or in) CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg, […]

21Nov 2018

True Grit (do you have it?)

November 21, 2018

How far do we get without commitment and perseverance? Any task we begin in life is going to require some commitment and perseverance if we wish to pursue it thoroughly. That commitment may begin early in life. As children, we may show an interest to pursue a particular sport or hobby, alternatively, our parents may […]

21Nov 2018

If you haven’t heard, house prices in Australia’s largest cities have been falling. In Sydney and Melbourne, auction clearance rates are wallowing in the low 40% range (it may even be lower given the transparency of the data) and the price decline in Sydney has extended out to 15 months without any signs of a […]

12Nov 2018

Every year we’ll be confronted with a multitude of disasters. Sombre yes, but a fact regardless. Maybe they won’t affect us personally, but they’ll appear before us on the news and they should be pause for reflection. Most show how relatively helpless we are as human beings. Earthquake, tsunami, a volcano erupting, hurricane. Natural disasters […]

12Nov 2018

Measuring the ASX

November 12, 2018

ASX 200 “it’s often referenced, but few of us know what’s behind the number that’s quoted on the nightly news.’ You might call the ASX or any other equity index somewhat of a living entity, it’s hopefully growing, but it’s definitely evolving. Equity indices will rebalance throughout the year, shedding some securities and replacing them […]