12Nov 2018

Every year we’ll be confronted with a multitude of disasters. Sombre yes, but a fact regardless. Maybe they won’t affect us personally, but they’ll appear before us on the news and they should be pause for reflection. Most show how relatively helpless we are as human beings. Earthquake, tsunami, a volcano erupting, hurricane. Natural disasters […]

12Nov 2018

Measuring the ASX

November 12, 2018

ASX 200 “it’s often referenced, but few of us know what’s behind the number that’s quoted on the nightly news.’ You might call the ASX or any other equity index somewhat of a living entity, it’s hopefully growing, but it’s definitely evolving. Equity indices will rebalance throughout the year, shedding some securities and replacing them […]

11Oct 2018

In many aspects of our lives, we’ll find ourselves either pursuing areas of expertise or delegating to those who can better utilise their skills for an improved outcome. Alternatively, you can watch DIY Youtube videos for guidance. Setting aside internet expertise, these are often what forms our jobs or careers. A specific skill that we’ve […]

11Oct 2018

The Self-Driving Portfolio

October 11, 2018

Right now, there’s a rush on. It’s all about removing your hands from the steering wheel of your car. Maybe removing the steering wheel completely and letting the car do the work. Driving to work, to your holiday destination, visiting family a few hours away or just down to the supermarket. What will you do? […]

27Sep 2018

FIRE Burns A Path to Freedom

September 27, 2018

The FIRE phenomenon has recently resurfaced in the media. We’ve discussed it before, but FIRE stands for financial independence/retire early. The concept seems to spin the heads of those in the media and 90% of readers who respond in the comment sections below articles. For the refresher, it’s figuring out what you can live on, knocking down the […]