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Secure your future with the help of a leading Gold Coast financial planner, who has many years of industry knowledge and experience in helping everyday Australians achieve what is important to them!

AREAS WE OFFER HELP – Achieve A Comfortable Retirement, Greater Control of Your Finances, Avoid Poor Investment Decisions, Family Personal Insurances – Get You On Track & Keep You On Track!

BlueDiamondFinancial – Gold Coast Financial Planning Professionals, proud to help you!

What sets BlueDiamondFinancial planning apart from our competitors is that we are one of the few Gold Coast Financial Planning businesses that has:

Blue Diamond has no ties to any bank, fund manager or financial institution. We are free to recommend what is best for you and not what is best for a large parent company’s shareholders.

Blue Diamond uses an academically proven investment process that rejects speculation and focuses on the elements you can control – diversification, asset allocation and keeping fees low.

The founder of Blue Diamond has 25+ years of experience in the finance industry. In addition, we regularly interact with a number of good advisers providing a supportive culture that ensures each client benefits from the collective knowledge base.

What this means for our Gold Coast clients, is we help you narrow the distance between your Current Life to help you live more of your Ideal Life!

OUR MOTTO – If your objective is to retire wealthy, we guarantee you a smart step-by-step plan that works or Your Money-back!

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Blue Diamond Financial Pty Ltd is an Accredited Business featured among the top 3 financial advisors on Tradebusters Connect

The Best Time to Plant a Tree was Yesterday, The Next Best Time Is Today!

BlueDiamondFinancial – We have your Gold Coast Financial Planning Solutions

It is never too late to improve your current situation. It often comes down to having a financial plan that works for you, via a proven step-by-step process in helping you achieving what’s important you!

At Blue-Diamond-Financial Our Gold Coast Financial Planning team can assist you to get the foundations right to help you to get back on track in helping you achieve your goals & objectives.

Our goal is to help you reduce everyday stresses & financial confusion and to provide you with your very own customized plan to help improve your current financial situation.

Why wait to get on track to living more of your perfect life, with Blue Diamond Financial Planning, your Gold Coast Financial Planning specialists.

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Gold Coast Planning

Focuses on providing you with a map to assist you to achieve what is important to you. We complete an in-depth data gathering process and modeling sessions to help you feel comfortable with our process. We help you to rate the importance of each of your goals, and a realistic time frame for achieving these goals, including an on-track progress report.

Are you making the best of what you have?

Gold Coast Superannuation

If you are soon to be approaching retirement, we can model your current situation to see how long your retirement funds are likely to last (longevity) and provide effective ways to help your retirement savings last longer. You can’t control your investment returns, but you can control what you pay to receive those returns.

Are you speculating or investing?

Gold Coast Investment Services

We have a proven Investment philosophy.
At Blue Diamond Financial Pty Ltd we offer investment advice that you can rely on. We don’t take unnecessary risks and we don’t adopt unproven strategies – we simply focus on what drives market returns.                                                  Are you speculating or investing?

Gold Coast Family Protection

Your biggest asset is not the family home or car, it’s actually your ability to work each & every day. Yet most people have insured their family home & car but haven’t protected their biggest assets ‘themselves’.
Life Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability, Income Protection, Trauma Insurance
Have you properly protected yourself and your family?

4) Key Investment Risk Factors:

  1. Equities outperform Bonds = Equity premium
    Shares are riskier than bonds. In turn, they offer higher expected returns as a reward
  2. Value stocks outperform Growth stocks = Value premium Lower-priced ‘value’ stocks offer higher expected returns than higher-priced ‘growth’ stocks. A value stock is one that is out of favor for one reason or another.
  3. Small-cap stocks outperform Large-cap stocks = Size premium Small companies have higher expected returns than large companies. This makes sense because small companies are more of an unknown quantity.
  4. Companies with high profitability vs companies with low profitability = Profitability premium Academic researchers have discovered that adding profitability considerations to existing strategies can generate a better-expected return with lower volatility.

4) Key Investment Principles:

  1. Markets work
  2. Risk and reward are related
  3. Diversification reduces Investment Risk
  4. Maintaining discipline

These ‘premiums’ are not always received, that’s why they are called ‘risk’ factors. However, they are more likely to be received over time. And they are available to everyday investors if they stay disciplined over the long term.                                  Are you speculating or investing?

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