31Jul 2017

Starting a Self-Managed Super Fund is quite an exciting prospect. No longer will an investor be constrained by the shackles of their tired superfund, an SMSF is an open road with untold freedoms ahead, but how to get started on that road? Luckily there are many eager experts out there ready to liberate investors from […]

26Jun 2017

The Land of Confusion

June 26, 2017

If you’re old enough, you probably remember when Phil Collins and a band called Genesis were topping the charts in the mid 80’s. For the most part, they were an easy listening pop/rock band, but at one stage they strayed into the political arena with a song called ‘Land of Confusion’. The tensions between the […]

22Jun 2017

It happens maybe once or twice a month. A call comes into our office with someone wanting to speak to an adviser. They’re not an existing client, nor are they known to us, but they want to talk about investing. It’s always something specific, maybe real estate or gold. The reason it’s always something specific […]

19Jun 2017

We’re now mid-way through the AFL season and for football fans it’s been 12 weeks of great entertainment. For non-football fans it’s been 12 weeks, plus pre-season, wondering why this nonsense takes up so much time on the news. If you’re of the second persuasion, keep reading because the AFL still has some lessons for anyone […]

31May 2017

Ever met an intelligent person who could make a mess of various simple tasks? Maybe someone who was incredibly smart, but equally incredibly gullible? It shouldn’t be a surprise, it’s natural that intelligence, awareness or knowledge in one area doesn’t automatically translate to another. The reality is we all have a circle of competence for various parts of […]