07Dec 2017

The year’s winding down, so in the financial world that can only mean one thing – forecasts for next year. Every mainstream media outlet will be putting them together over the next month because A. people like lists; and B. they’re easy to string together. The thing to always keep in mind: they’re all worthless. […]

25Nov 2017

Mental Hurdles on The Journey

November 25, 2017

Investing is a tough deal. Our noggins aren’t truly equipped to deal with all the variables, complexities and stimuli of the modern investment landscape. While it should be simple. Save. Stay liquid. Stay diversified. Stay disciplined. Australian saving rates are back to plumbing 10-year lows. For many the house is the savings vehicle. While household […]

18Nov 2017

“He can’t figure out why it’s taking so long to reach the amount he wants to retire on.” It was an offhand comment a client made about their friend. Said friend had a specific final superannuation balance in mind they wanted to reach. Upon hitting it, they’d be tossing the keys back to the boss […]

12Nov 2017

The Illogical Investor

November 12, 2017

Over recent months and weeks, I managed to persuade, cajole and convince my wife to allow me to spend around $35,000.00 of our savings, to invest in XXXX Resources. My wife is very conservative and careful with money, and it is only because of this, that we have what we have, today. I was completely […]

03Nov 2017

If you heard a disgruntled groan reverberating around the country on the last day of September you’d be wrong to think it was only Adelaide Crows supporters. It was the last day superannuation funds had to hide certain fees from consumers. And they weren’t happy about it! Intense lobbying and demands for a delay, particularly […]