How To Find A Financial Adviser

How To Find A Financial Adviser

Financial advice or financial planning is a broad discipline and there is a significant amount of conflicting advice out there on how to choose the right financial adviser. If you entered “find a financial adviser” or “find a financial planner” into Google, you’d be pointed towards multiple financial advisory networks across Sydney and Australia and a bunch of media articles pontificating on how to find a financial adviser or what to look for.

Do any of them make any sense?

Most have elements of what you need to look for in a financial adviser, but some also come with wholly wrong advice, likely to be swallowed by those who aren’t sure what to look for. Which is a big problem – if you don’t know what you don’t know, you’ll likely stumble along unsure if you’ve made the right choice on which adviser to work with or when to work with an adviser.

Take the start of this article written as advertising content by Industry Superfunds:

“One of the most valuable times to talk to a financial planner is when you’re approaching retirement…”

Unfortunately this is when many people first decide to talk to a financial planner… and then they find out they’re not prepared for the retirement they’re approaching. So the most valuable time to talk to a financial planner is at least 20 years before retirement so you can put strategies in place to ensure you will be better able to achieve the sort of retirement you want. In reality, the sooner the better. Building a relationship with your adviser means you can better navigate hurdles in the future.

Holistic financial advice will incorporate investment planning, asset structuring, income tax planning, retirement planning, superannuationinsurance planning, employee benefits and estate planning along with Centrelink advice.

Why Blue Diamond?

It’s important to remember financial planning is about a relationship. Your financial adviser needs to understand you and your situation before they are able to help you – if they show no inclination in understanding you, it’s best to look elsewhere. Blue Diamond operate on a fiduciary basis and are licenced by a privately owned AFSL with the stated purpose of putting clients first.

FYG Planners is an privately owned AFSL, this is in contrast to the majority of the financial advice industry who are actually licenced by major banks and institutions, where the advisers see their clients as sales targets.

Learn about the value of financial advice and through asset allocation.


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